What We Do At Tri County Ag

  • Spread Dry Fertilizer, Lime, & Micronutrients (incl. over-the-top emergedĀ application)
  • Spray Liquid Fertilizer, Chemicals, & Micronutrients
  • Erect, Repair, & MoveĀ Grain Bins & Drying Systems
  • Conduct GPS Soil Sampling & Soil Testing for VRT Fertilizer/Lime Application
  • Sell Seed & Offer Custom Treatment of Seed w/ Automated Facility
  • Offer Knifer RentalĀ w/ Nurse TanksĀ & Offer Delivery
  • Sell, Service, &Ā DeliverĀ Grain Bin Parts & Accessories
  • Lawn Care: Spread Fertilizer and Dry Weed Preventer and Killer
  • Grain Pricing

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