Grain Bin Erection

At Tri County Ag, we offer an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated bin staff including a manager possessing over 50 years of grain bin experience. If you are looking to purchase a new bin, we will work with you to customize your bin package to meet your farm’s specific needs.  We build and buy only the very BEST steel grain bins on the market from GSI.  GSI is known as being the largest bin manufacturer in the world and has held that title for the past 30 years! On-site grain storage offers many benefits such as reduced shipping costs and most importantly, the ability to hold onto your commodity for a better futuristic return.  Here at Tri County Ag, we have the capabilities of erecting a bin of up to 60 ft in diameter with a 99,000-bushel holding capacity.

After determining the specifications for your grain storage needs, we waste no time on getting started with your bin. We focus one fully dedicated crew of highly experienced individuals and a crew supervisor possessing 25 experienced years to erecting your grain bin. We are equipped to do all of the excavation, leveling, and concrete work ourselves.  Furthermore, we use J-style anchor bolts to set your concrete foundation. Not many companies still use this slower method, but we feel it gives the customer the best-structured foundation possible.

After the foundation is placed, you will be amazed to watch how rapidly we assemble and erect your bin! In a matter of DAYS, your bin will be up and ready for storage! Call today for our competitive pricing on a brand new GSI grain bin package.

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