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Here at Tri County Ag, we recognize that chemical selection and application is instrumental to crop protection. Our certified crop advisor has years of experience accepting the responsibility of customer yields. Not only does he consider chemical selection, but also the timeliness of application! To support this statement, Tri County Ag stocks the appropriate products on location, so that your crop will be protected!!

We have a liquid chemical and fertilizer plant where we house product in tank, mini-bulk, and jug forms.  For convenient customer pick-up, we have the capability to disperse product in everything from small gallon jugs to large semi-tankers.

The chemicals depicted to the right and below are just a sampling of some of the products we offer, promote, and apply.


Liquid Fertilizer / Starter / Micronutrients

Aatrex 90 Fore Front R & P Princep 4L 10-34-0
Aim 2EC Formula 1 Princep 9-0 28-0-0
Amine 40 24D Fultime Prosaro SC SRN 28%
Atrazine 4L Sentry Glyfostar X-tra Protyx Sticker 32-0-0
Atrazine 90 DF/WF Glystar Plus Prowl H20 8-24-4
Authority First DF Gramoxone Max Pursuit 8-24-4 XL
Balance Pro Guardsman Max Quadris 9-15-4-3S-.5Zn-.05Mn
Bareground 21 Halex GT Quilt 12-0-0-26S
Basagran Harmony Raptor 25-0-0 Coron
Basis DF Headline Respect 16-16-2-2
Bicep II Magnum Hornet WDG RoundUp WMax
Bumper Insecto Sahara Asset RS
Butyrac 200 Instinct Scepter 70 DG Bio-Forge
Cadet Integrity Select Max ENC Mang 5-4-2
Canopy EX Intrro Shadow Manni-Plex SG
Capture LFR Lambda Star Sharpen Nutrasyst
Clarifier Laudis Simazine 4L Avail SD Liquid
Clarity Lepinox Simazine 90 DF Nutrisphere-N
Classic Lexar Sonic
Clethodim 2E Lorox DF Sprint
Cobalt Lightning 70 DG Status
Cobra Lorsban 15G Sticker/Boost
Corvus Lorsban 4E Succeed
Crossbow LV2-4-D Ester SureStart
Damoil Maestro 2E Synchrony XP
Defcon 2.1G Mustang Max Tempo SC Ultra
Degree Xtra Olympus Flex Toledo
Diuron 80 DF Option Tordon RTU
Dual II Magnum Osprey Translate
Distinct Parallel Plus T-Square
Duramax Parazone 3SL Valor XLT
Durango DMA Peak Watchman
Element 4 Permit
Exchange Pinnacle
Express XP Poast
Extreme Pramitol 25E
First Rate Prestige
Folucur 3.6 Primero

**Call for chemical pricing, as it is dependent on quantity.  If there is a particular product you are looking for, do not hesitate to give us a call. Generally, we can find generic forms of the product you want, saving you even more $$$!


We also stock pond/lake chemicals that combat aquatic algae and weeds, thereby aesthetically improving the appearance of your water!  We stock the following products, but again, we will do our best to find whatever you may be looking for.


-  Admiral Liquid
-  Aquashade
-  Cutrine Plus

To learn more about some of the chemicals we render, please visit:

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