Fertilizer Enhancers, Micronutrients, & Lawn

Fertilizer, Lime, Fertilizer Enhancers, Micronutrients, & Lawn Care.

Tri County Ag has an entire plant dedicated to dry fertilizer, lime, fertilizer enhancers, lawn care, and micronutrients.

Not only do we stock these products for your convenience, but we also provide precision ag custom application of the product onto your fields.

Below is a brief listing of some of the products we stock and apply:

Dry Fertilizer & Lime

MicroNutrients / Fertilizer Enhancers

Dry Lawn Care Products

Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0-24S Ele-Max Nutrient Conc 11-8-5 13-13-13
Dap 18-46-0 Hydra-Hume Dry & Liquid 19-0-6 w/ Barricade
Gypsum Calcium Sulfate Magnesium Oxide 58% 22-0-10 w/ Trimec
K-Mag Granular 00-00-22 Manniplex Small Grain 25-3-5 w/ Dimension
Map 11-52-0 Sulfur Granular 90% 22-0-10 Winterizer Fert
Red Potash 0-0-60 Wolftrax Boron 18.5% 22-0-4 Maxlawn Crabgrass Preventer
Triple Super 0-46-0 Wolftrax Copper 57.5% 24-0-4 Maxlawn Weed & Feed
Urea 46-0-0 Wolftrax Iron 47.5% Bayer Adv Grub Control
Ag Lime Wolftrax Manganese 33% Maxlawn Grub Control
Pellet Lime Wolftrax Zinc 62%
Zinc Trafix Liquid
Avail Granular & SD Liquid
Nutrisphere-N Granular & Liquid

**Call today for current pricing on a load of fertilizer, lime, and micronutrients- with or without application.  We also offer buggies that allow for customer pick up of dry product from Tri County Ag to their fields for self-spreading. **

Fertilizer Enhancers

In addition to the above products, we are a selected, authorized dealer for Specialty Fertilizer Product’s (SFP) liquid Avail and Nutrisphere-N. We are one of the VERY few distributors in the state of Illinois that have been given the opportunity to stock and promote these innovative products.

More on the products:

Avail Phosphorous Fertilizer Enhancer helps prevent phosphate fixation in the soil.  75-95% of applied phosphorus gets tied up in the soil by elements, and Avail combats this problem!  Avail MAXIMIZES the return on your fertilizer investment by keeping more of that phosphorous available to your crop and improving uptake into the plant all season long.

NutriSphere-N reduces nitrogen loss of your applied dry and liquid nitrogen fertilizers.  Up to 50% of nitrogen can be lost in hours or days after application. NutriSphere-N helps prevent against leaching and volatilization and increases your yield potential by 10-15%.  It is available in granular and liquid form.  NutriSphere-N can be impregnated onto your dry urea prior to blending, or mixed with liquid nitrogen prior to adding other pesticides.

Over the last 10 years, SFP Company has emerged as a leading innovator in the agricultural industry. They have solved some of farming’s long-standing challenges, particularly focusing on improving fertilizer efficiencies. We have tested their products and their performance by far exceeds our expectations for retaining phosphates and nitrogen in your soil! To learn more about SFP products, feel free to visit their website: www.specialtyfertilizer.com


Most of the micronutrients we stock come from Wolf Trax¬ģ.¬† We feel that their performance in improving plant health exceeds all others.¬† Wolf Trax manufactures leading edge, research-proven micronutrients and plant nutrition products.¬† Wolf Trax Dry Dispersible Powder (DDP) technology has been developed using a patented formulation process, exclusive to Wolf Trax, that is custom-designed to: Allow immediate plant uptake and extended feeding, increase plant availability through optimized pH and particle size, deliver high analysis which means less packaging and storage required, and allow flexibility in application (can be soil applied as a fertilizer coating, mixed with liquid fertilizer, or applied as a foliar application).¬† For more information on Wolf Trax Innovative Micronutrients, please visit www.wolftrax.com

Lawn Care Fertilizer and Pesticide Products

We offer a wide range of lawn care products from Maxlawn.  We stock lawn fertilizer, dry crabgrass preventers, broad-leaf killers, insect and grub control, and other products.  We also provide custom dry spreading application using 4-wheelers and light-foots.  We have all the tools and products to keep your lawn weed-free, thick, and looking great all season long!

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