At Tri County Ag, we have an array of vehicles and methods by which we can get your product applied. We do our very best to get your product on the field when YOU NEED IT MOST, regardless of the crop’s growth stage or environmental conditions.

Spreading/Spraying Application:

Dry Fertilizer Application:
Spinner VRT and Straight Rate Application
Twin- Bin VRT Spinner with Micronutrient Bin
Nitrogen over the top on emerged Corn Application
4-Wheeler Dry Spreading with Lightfoots

Lime Application:
Spinner VRT
Straight Rate spinner

Liquid Application:
Spraying Straight Rate
Drop Application
Liquid Knifer

Our applicators must pass an intense, yearly examination before becoming licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  We strive to provide our customers with the most highly trained, efficient, and knowledgeable applicators available.  The yield of your crop is dependent on how smoothly we navigate through your field.  Here at Tri County Ag, our employees care!

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